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An Introduction to the Laravel PHP Framework

  In this article, we’ll get acquainted with the Laravel PHP framework, exploring what Laravel is, its history, its purpose, and we’ll examine some of its key components and features. [...]
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best new websites

20 Best New Websites, September 2023

    Are you in need of design inspiration? Are you looking for the best websites designed in 2023 to pull ideas, techniques, and trends from? Do you just love [...]
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Delay, Sleep, Pause & Wait in JavaScript

  Many programming languages have a sleep function that will delay a program’s execution for a given number of seconds. JavaScript lacks this built-in feature, but not to worry. In [...]
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7 Striking Features of MeteorJS

When Node.js arrived in the market, it was quickly adopted by a vast community of individual developers and large-scale companies for being a viable development technology. It is because of [...]
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